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VIP Member Basic Plan
249 USD  / month
This plan renews automatically.
Cancellation Notice 30 days

Get access to the VIP Center Mon-Fri 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the Main Floor Co-working space. Enjoy complimentary coffee and filtered water at our Water Bottle Station from the cafe and delicious healthy meals at a great price. You may use any available meeting rooms on the first floor unless they are booked with a paid reservation by another member. Get Discounted reservations to private meeting spaces and invitations to VIP Community events, clinics, and workshops. Video production/podcast labs, meeting collaboration rooms. Opportunities to earn room credit hours and scholarships. Mentoring and Coaching. Access to Printing Center. Monthly Discount pass for a friend. 3 month commitment paid monthly which auto-renews. 30 day cancellation notice must be given.

  • Bring a Friend to Work Pass
    15.00 USD / month
  • Business Address/Mail Service
    25.00 USD / month
  • 20 Hours of Booking Package
    50.00 USD / month
Booking Credits
  • Freedom Room / Inspire Room- CoLab / Main Floor Conference Room / PodCast Studio / Private Desk by the Hour / Solitude Sanctuary
    12h/month included (combined)
Booking Passes
  • Private Space for up to 4 by the hour
    Freedom Room / Solitude Sanctuary / PodCast Studio / Inspire Room- CoLab
    Hours: 1 (combined)
    Price: 15.00 USD
    Dream Studio-Private Room by the hour
    Dream Studio
    Hours: 1
    Price: 20.00 USD
    Video Production Lab by the hour
    Video Lab-On Your Own
    Hours: 1
    Price: 20.00 USD
    VIP Conference Room Up to 8 people- Main Floor By the Hour
    Main Floor Conference Room
    Hours: 1
    Price: 12.00 USD
    VIP Training Center- by the hour
    VIP Training Center
    Hours: 1
    Price: 45.00 USD
    Private Desk by the hour
    Private Desk by the Hour
    Hours: 1
    Price: 8.00 USD
    Freedom or Inspire Room Overnight Stay
    Inspire Room- Overnight Stay / Freedom Room- Overnight Stay
    Hours: 17 (combined)
    Price: 110.00 USD
    Dream Studio Overnight Stay
    Dream Studio-Overnight Stay
    Hours: 17
    Price: 120.00 USD
    Freedom or Inspire 24 Hour Pass (Overnight)
    Freedom Room / Inspire Room- Overnight Stay / Inspire Room- CoLab / Freedom Room- Overnight Stay
    Hours: 24 (combined)
    Price: 200.00 USD
    Dream Studio 24 Hour Pass (Overnight)
    Dream Studio-Overnight Stay / Dream Studio
    Hours: 24 (combined)
    Price: 240.00 USD
    VIP Training Center- All Day Saturday Pass
    VIP Training Center
    Hours: 8
    Price: 300.00 USD
    VIP Training Center- Evening Event Pass
    VIP Training Center
    Hours: 1
    Price: 60.00 USD
    Podcast Studio by the Hour
    PodCast Studio
    Hours: 1
    Price: 15.00 USD
    Video Production Lab (Professional Assistance)
    Video Lab with Production Assistance
    Hours: 1
    Price: 70.00 USD
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