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5 Day Pass Package
100 USD  / month
This plan renews automatically.
Cancellation Notice 30 days

Buy this package and save $25! Get 5 flexible one-day passes per month to use from 8 a.m. to 6 pm. You have access to the main floor co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and the cafe. You may use any available rooms on the first floor unless they are booked with a paid reservation by another member. You get complimentary coffee and filtered water from our water bottle station. Free and convenient parking... Access to our clinics...Discount access to events and workshops. Join us!

Booking Passes
  • Main Floor Conference Room- by the hour
    Main Floor Conference Room
    Hours: 1
    Price: 15.00 USD
    Private Meeting Room- by the hour
    Freedom Room / Solitude Sanctuary / PodCast Studio / Inspire Room- CoLab
    Hours: 1 (combined)
    Price: 20.00 USD
    Dream Studio- by the hour
    Dream Studio
    Hours: 1
    Price: 25.00 USD
    Video Production Lab- by the hour
    Video Lab-On Your Own
    Hours: 1
    Price: 25.00 USD
    VIP Training Room for up to 50- by the hour
    VIP Training Center
    Hours: 1
    Price: 50.00 USD
    Private Desk Pass- By the hour
    Private Desk by the Hour
    Hours: 1
    Price: 10.00 USD
    VIP Training Center Half Day Pass
    VIP Training Center
    Hours: 4
    Price: 200.00 USD
    Inspire or Freedom Room Overnight Guest Pass
    Inspire Room- Overnight Stay / Freedom Room- Overnight Stay
    Hours: 17 (combined)
    Price: 110.00 USD
    Freedom or Inspire Room 24 hour pass
    Freedom Room / Inspire Room- Overnight Stay / Inspire Room- CoLab / Freedom Room- Overnight Stay
    Hours: 24 (combined)
    Price: 200.00 USD
    Dream Studio Overnight Pass
    Dream Studio-Overnight Stay
    Hours: 17
    Price: 120.00 USD
    Dream Studio 24 Hour Pass
    Dream Studio-Overnight Stay / Dream Studio
    Hours: 24 (combined)
    Price: 240.00 USD
    Video Lab with Production Assistance
    Video Lab with Production Assistance
    Hours: 1
    Price: 75.00 USD
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